How to pay for travel

Pay the fare in land urban passenger transport in Minsk (bus, trolley bus, tram) as follows:

- Ticket for one
trip: card must be validated when boarding a vehicle to the next stopping point for landing an important stop on the vehicle. A ticket for one trip without the composter is not valid. The ticket is valid for travel in one direction on one vehicle;

Билеты на одну поездку

Valid documents for one trip (left to right): a bus, trolley, tram, train on city lines, underground (token)


                                                           Types of punches that occur in Minsk

- Reusable PASS: Ticket presented the conductor, the controller or the driver in control. Reusable tickets are classified in duration (a month, a fortnight, per decade), as well as by transport mode in which you can use this ticket (separately for the bus, trolley bus, tram, metro and various combinations of one to four modes). Ticket for the first ten days of the month is valid from 1 to 10 numbers for the second decade from 11 to 20 the number by the third decade from 21 to 30 (31) number. Ticket for the first half of the month is valid from 1 to 15 numbers for the second half of the month, from 16 to 30 (31) number.

                                                    Examples of reusable travel documents used in Minsk

The fare on the subway is as follows:
- by dropping tokens into a special hole in the turnstile at the entrance to the station of Minsk subway;
- Payment by magnetic cards (ticket on the subway a decade, for 15 days a month), having a special card through a slot in the turnstile;
- by radiokartochek (reusable ticket for a month), which is necessary to bring to a special image on the turnstile.


The turnstile in the Minsk metro

Reusable travel documents on the subway

The fare to the taxi made ​​in cash directly to the driver, and the driver instead of the passenger is obliged to transfer the ticket to travel, which is a receipt from the cash register.

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