Ground transportation (buses, trolleybuses, trams)

Most of the buses, trolleybuses, trams begin work on routes 5.30am last flights on the route are met, usually before 0:30, after which the buses, trolleybuses, trams follow the park. Trams and trolley buses on the route to the park are required to pick up passengers. Buses on the route to the park pick up passengers in case path to follow to the park partially or completely coincides with the main bus route.

In Minsk there are also routes operating on a special schedule, for example, only on weekdays during the hours of "peak". The concept of hours of "peak" usually involves time from 6 to 9 pm and from 15 to 19 hours (the time of greatest fullness of public transport). Depending on various factors, the start and end of an hour "peak" may vary.

Start and End of buses, trolley buses and trams on the route, as well as intervals along hours of the day are posted at each stopping point on the rating plate (see figure).


Example of plates at the halt

On stopping points can be placed electronic scoreboard, which displays routes, the final stopping point of the route, the time in minutes after which should come closest / next bus or trolley particular route.


Electronic display

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