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To date, Minsk served by the following means of public transport:
  • Bus
  • Trolley
  • Tram
  • Metro
  • Shuttles
  • Taxi
В  Every day, there are two lines of the Minsk subway, take passengers 29 stations. Minsk Metro operates seven days a week. Schedule of items with each stopping point in Minsk can be found on the website of the state enterprise "Minsktrans" (mobile version), the schedule of "taxi" is on the website of the state institutions "State enterprise "Stolichny transport i svyaz".

В  Currently, the operational length of the two lines of the Minsk metro in terms of double-track 37.27 km with 29 stations, including 15 stations are located on the 1st (Maskouskaya) of the line and 14 on the 2nd (Autazavodskaya) subway line. В 

188 urban and 183 suburban bus routes operate on weekdays 1,108 buses on weekends for 131 urban and 183 suburban bus routes 697. Bus routes are serviced by bus в„– в„– 2,4-7 parks in the general manufacturing base buses 1698 units, of which 1,262 units. city, 183 units. Commuter execution unit 119. execution of long-distance and 135 units. small capacity buses.

В On weekdays, 60 trolleybus routes operate 679 trolleybuses, the weekend of 48 trolleybus routes 334 trolleybuses. Trolleybus routes served by trolleybuses в„– 2-5 with a total 989 units of production basis. В 

In the city of Minsk passengers are carried on the same tram routes 9. The length of the tram track is 62.8 km single track. Common Base trams Tram park is 139 units.

In the carriage of passengers in regular service as well carriers involved 80 privately owned ("taxis) on 55 routes.

In the field of transportation taxis are 11 dispatchers in the city transport passengers around 8,000 taxis.

В  Minsk City Executive Committee together with the Belarusian Railways is implementing an investment project "Establishment of urban transportation by rail passengers' trains in passenger service on city routes. Today, this type of transportation service is provided in the direction of art. Minsk Pas - st.Belarus and В art. Minsk Pas - st.Rudensk. В 
В  Link to other countries, cities, suburban area organized by air, rail and bus service. In the city there are 2 bus station ("Central", "East"), 2 bus ("Southwest", "Avtozavodskaya"), Railway Station, National Airport "Minsk". В 
В  Communication of the National Airport "Minsk" to ensure a regular commuter express-bus route number 300E "AB Central - National Airport" Minsk ",В  1400-TK "AB Central - National Airport" Minsk ".В 

State enterprise " Stolichny transport i svyaz " is the operator of transport of passengers and the operator of passenger transportation urban electric transport and metro in Minsk. In our facility work graduates of leading universities BNTU, BSTU, BSUIRE and others.

We invite you to take public transportation capital of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk! В 

Have a nice trip!
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